The Principle of the Seed (Book)

The Principle of the Seed (Book)


(121 Page Paperback Book)

Since 1993 this seminal teaching lies at the heart of everything Brad teaches. This simple, natural, agricultural principle is found in all of creation and most important of all, the Word that created all that is seen and unseen. Yeshua' Himself categorically stated that all parables, and subsequently all end time prophecies , are established in this truth. The Seed is the Word of God. It is a fundamental scriptural truth that lays the foundation for the identity of the children of God from the beginning. If you are interested in knowing the end you must go back to the beginning for there is only one good Seed. Book forward by Bill Cloud. Available in both audio CD and paperback book formats.

Also Available in eBook Download and Audio CD/MP3 format

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