Bricks for Stones

Bricks for Stones

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A free TRUTH2U recording by Brad Scott with radio host Jono Vandor.

TRUTH2U is a weekly radio show broadcast live from the country town of Young, NSW, Australia. TRUTH2U proclaims the Truth of YHVH's Word and is dedicated to exposing the common misconceptions resulting from extra-scriptural religious traditions.

In this program Brad and Jono discuss the turning of the Biblical year according to Exodus 12:2, the Abib and the vernal equinox. Brad also recapitulates a previous episode entitled “What Language Does YHVH Speak?” and details his 3 part article “Bricks for Stones”. We conclude with a plea to the movement not to be divisive over the diversity of Torah observance. 21 March 2010.

Please visit their website,TRUTH2U, for other interesting interviews. Don't you just love his accent!