(image for) "as the days of a tree…" (4 CDs)

"as the days of a tree…" (4 CDs)


(4 CDs)

Seeing the end from the beginning in a field.

In the beginning there are two trees in the garden, and in the end there is only one. Between those times, mankind finds himself in one of those two trees. From the wood on Isaac’s shoulder and the trees of the proverbist, to the sticks of Ezekiel and the olive trees of Romans; the Messiah and His people spring from one, and the adversary and his ilk spring from the other. Yeshua‘ claimed that the field is the world. Brad roots around the Scriptures to take an in depth look at why Yesha’yahu (Isaiah) 65:22 revealed to us that “… as the days of a tree are the days of my people.”

Disc 1: I See Men As Trees Walking
Disc 2: People, Trees and Words
Disc 3: Inheritance Without Responsibility
Disc 4: Two Trees in the Beginning, One Tree in the End

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