(image for) The God Particle: The Area 51 Series Part 3 (4 CDs)

The God Particle: The Area 51 Series Part 3 (4 CDs)


(4 CDs)

For 50 years physicists have been searching for an unseen particle that, from their view, holds the whole universe together. This hidden mass-less force is the key to what brought all things into existence. Tiny subatomic particles make up all that is in the universe and these particles are called the “letters” of all matter. It is more than a coincidence that the dynamics of the Hebrew language, which framed the world and all that is in it, (Hebrews 11:3) is made up of letters and particles. In this continuation of the Area 51 series Brad reveals how E = mc2 testifies that Yeshua’ had to be God in the flesh and that theoretical physics is inching closer and closer to finding the One who created and sustains all things.

Disc 1: They Believe Having Not Seen
Disc 2: E = mc2 What?
Disc 3: The God Particle and the Aleph-Tav
Disc 4: “And the word became flesh…” So What's the Problem?

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