(image for) Sons of God, Giants and the New World Order (4 CDs)

Sons of God, Giants and the New World Order (4 CDs)


(4 CDs)

One of the most controversial Biblical subjects is found in a single verse in the sixth chapter of Genesis. Who are the “sons of God” that choose the daughters of men and “appear” to produce giants? The most common traditional theory for centuries has been fallen angels mating with human beings. Is this what the Hebrew text teaches? Is the fallen angels theory just another attempt of man to abdicate his responsibility and accountability here on earth as patterned in the opening chapters of Genesis? Brad details the Hebrew text of Genesis six by tracing the historical thread of mixing and man’s inhumanity to man from Genesis to Revelation. Should the monstrous union of men and fallen angels be our greatest end times concern or the diabolical greed, power and wickedness of man?

Disc 1: It is not my fault!
Disc 2: And men began: The sons of God
Disc 3: Giants and Mighty Men
Disc 4: Eugenics and the Elite

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