(image for) Six Things YHVH Hates, Yea Seven... (5 CDs)

Six Things YHVH Hates, Yea Seven... (5 CDs)


(5 CDs)

The Imploding Hebrew Roots Movement

Is the Hebrew Roots movement collapsing in on itself? Is our Father moving in another direction or just getting our attention to return to our first love? Brad takes a hard look at the seven things that God hates in Proverbs 6:16–19. Brad breaks down all the pertinent words in this proverb to reveal why he thinks there is such confusion and division in the body of Messiah, and what we can do to restore our Father’s trust in His people.

Disc 1: A Plea For Unity
Disc 2: A Proud Look, A Lying Tongue, Shedding Innocent Blood
Disc 3: Wicked Thoughts, The Internet, Sowing Discord
Disc 4: Seven Women Take Hold of One Man
Disc 5: The Things YHVH Loves

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