(image for) There is a Creator: How To Respond To An Atheist

There is a Creator: How To Respond To An Atheist


(5 CDs)

Many modern surveys are now telling us that atheism, primarily due to the proliferation of the Internet, is the fastest growing religion in the world. All media communication is saturated with godless music, movies, advertising, and conversation. The Internet is filed with articles and videos designed to tear our next generation away from the Creator and the Scriptures that reveal that Creator. Relentless questions and propositions sow the seeds of doubt in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. These questions seem overwhelming and are difficult to answer for many people. In this series, Brad addresses the twenty most common questions that atheists and the new religion of "nones" always ask.

Disc 1: Do the Scriptures Teach We Should Defend the Faith?
Disc 2: What Constitutes Proof? Is Science Really the Problem?
Disc 3: Is the Universe Eternal? Did It Really Come From Nothing?
Disc 4: The Ontological Argument: Why Does God Allow Evil and Suffering?
Disc 5: Can Man Alone Make Moral Decisions?

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