(image for) Words Mean Things - Series 2 (8 CDs)

Words Mean Things - Series 2 (8 CDs)


(8 CDs)

Root Meanings of Common Scriptural Terms

Throughout both portions of this series, Brad thoroughly examines common words often found when studying and interpreting scriptures, their etymologies, and their uses. Brad maintains his “back to the beginning” style as he addresses the background of 44 fascinating words. Each word is thoroughly researched and traced throughout both Old and New Testaments.

Disc 1: bakar (firstborn), bachar (chosen), baqar (morning, distinguish), & ’azan (ears, balance)
Disc 2: ‘adar (separate and enclose), gadar (wall, sheepfold), chadar (chamber, room), & ’asaph (to collect or gather)
Disc 3: gor (unprotected), ger (live in fear), dahm (blood), damah (likeness), paratz (break out), & paras (spread abroad)
Disc 4: kalah (complete, finish), kal (all, every), kala’ (shut-in, prison cell), kalal (to contain), kallah (to finish, bride), shoresh (connect elements), racham (protect from harm, womb), & natzar (protect, preserve)
Disc 5: shachat (corruption), yarah (torah), yare’ (to fear), & yoreh (early rains)
Disc 6: palal (to pray), yequm (resurrection), yakach (convince), nava’ (prophet), & takan (measure)
Disc 7: shakan (to dwell), chashav (think), balal (to mix), yabal (jubilee), Yeshua‘ (to deliver), & Emmanuel (together, with)
Disc 8: chuqqah (custom), mishpat (judge), piqqud (precepts), chalal (to curse), tzalach (to prosper), raqam (intricate design), & ’ahav (love)

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