(image for) AlephBet: The Building Blocks of Life (5 CDs)

AlephBet: The Building Blocks of Life (5 CDs)


(5 CDs)

The AlephBet series needs to be a fundamental starting point for anyone’s journey in learning the beautiful language of Hebrew. Beginning with the absolute design of all creation found in ancient Hebrew, Brad moves into the internal and external evidence of the original language of the Scriptures from Bere’shiyt (Genesis) to Hitgalut (Revelation). The last 3 CDs are an introduction to the individual letters, their pictographic meanings, pronunciation, and numerical values. There is no better way to begin learning the words that framed the world. Included is a chart (located in the sleeve behind the cover) of the letters and their meanings from the ancient pictures to the modern script.

Disc 1: Hebrew: The Language of Creation
Disc 2: What Language Was the New Testament Written in?
Disc 3: Letters of Life: Aleph–Vav
Disc 4: Letters of Life: Zayin–Mem
Disc 5: Letters of Life: Nun–Tav

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