(image for) How Then Shall We Live? (4 CDs)

How Then Shall We Live? (4 CDs)


(4 CDs)

Now that we are determined to turn back to our Hebrew roots, how do we now live? This series begins with a detailed study of many of the common words and phrases used in the New Testament, incorporating the fundamental principle that the Old Testament is the dictionary of the New Testament.

Brad uses the scientific law of entropy (corruption) to explain why the Father gave his children commandments and why Yeshua‘ had to come to restore those commandments.

Brad then proceeds to go through numerous mitzvot (commandments), explaining their essence and to whom they apply. 613 sounds like an intimidatingly large number of commandments to follow, yet we don’t even bat an eye at the tens of thousands of laws of our land. When you begin to actually study Torah, you will see that many of them you already are performing, some are for men, some for women, some for the children. Not every one is for you specifically, so the task at hand to be Torah observant is truly not a burden, but rather life giving.

Disc 1: The Universe is Winding Down.
Disc 2: Restoration and the Branch
Disc 3: Defining Words in the Family
Disc 4: Keeping the Commandments: What Does it Mean?

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