(image for) The Church in the Book of Acts (5 CDs)

The Church in the Book of Acts (5 CDs)


(5 CDs)

What was the church like in the Book of Acts? Was it anything like it is today? Do the Scriptures teach “sun”day worship in place of the Sabbath? Was Luke a gentile? Did Yeshua‘’s resurrection make the dietary instructions obsolete? Did the early Jewish believers replace YHVH’s festivals with Christmas and Easter? Did Sha’ul (Paul) really teach against the laws and customs of Mosheh? Is the Book of Acts just another saga in the teaching of progressive dispensationalism? Was the church in the Tanakh (Old Testament)? Did the weekly communion replace the Passover? Did the feast of Pentecost occur in the upper room?

These and many other questions are explained in this provocative look into the Book of Acts.

Disc 1: Bring Israel Into the Kingdom (Acts 1:1–2:1)
Disc 2: Restoring the Assembly in the Feast (Acts 2:1–4:12)
Disc 3: The Ministry of Paul (Acts 4:13–8:24)
Disc 4: Paul and the Pharisees (Acts 8:25–16:40)
Disc 5: Paul’s Accusers (Acts 17:1–28:31)

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