(image for) The Tares Among the Wheat (4 CDs)

The Tares Among the Wheat (4 CDs)


(4 CDs)

Revealing "The Restrainer" From the Beginning

The Scriptures teach us that the end is to be understood out of the beginning. Most prophetic ministries teach the end from the middle. Using the pictures of ancient Hebrew, Brad traces the restrainer back to the midst of the garden, through the lives of Cain, Ishmael and Esau, and concludes with the agricultural parables of Yeshua‘. The restrainer, or he who withholds in 2 Thessalonians 2:6–8, is clearly seen, from the very beginning, holding back the wheat from producing fruit. There is only one way for the man of sin to be stopped and revealed. Restoration! It is time for the prodigal son to come home.

The Tares Among the Wheat CD is a greatly updated and revised version of the teachings Esau: The Seed of the Serpent and Esau II: The Beast - A Man of the Field. These teachings have been replaced by the new updated version.

Disc 1: Thinking Like Wheat
Disc 2: The Number of a Man
Disc 3: Esau and the ‘Erev Rav
Disc 4: The Restrainer

Also available on DVD and in Paperback Book.

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