(image for) Frequently Asked Questions - Series 2 (8 CDs)

Frequently Asked Questions - Series 2 (8 CDs)


(8 CDs)

More frequently asked questions continue as Brad reveals the history of the Church and the dramatic theological changes that took place. In the second disc, a tale of two men and two seeds is traced throughout the Scriptures. The next two CDs are dedicated to the well-documented histories of Christmas and Easter. Brad also addresses the issues of tithing, circumcision, and the scriptural laws regarding menstruation — issues that Brad handles gently yet in a straightforward manner.

Disc 1: The History of the Church: On the ROCK … or on the rocks?
Disc 2: A Tale of Two Men
Disc 3: The History of Christmas
Disc 4: The History of Easter
Disc 5: The Principles of Tithing (Part 1)
Disc 6: The Principles of Tithing (Part 2)
Disc 7: Circumcision
Disc 8: Laws of Niddah

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