WildBranch Tote Bag

WildBranch Tote Bag


We have been carrying this WildBranch Tote for quite a few years now. I would have them at conferences, give them as host gifts, etc. We would now like to make them available through our marketplace. I just love this bag and use it for so many things. The best use is for carrying your Sword (I mean Scriptures!) to your fellowship meetings, or carrying around some great teachings by Brad or any of your favorite teachers out there. I usually have my cross-stitch project snuggled in there along with my Bible, phone, iPad, iPod, cables, camera, that kind of stuff. My umbrella doesn’t fit unless I close it.

WildBranch Tote Bag The dimensions are 14" h x 11" w x 4" deep, weighs 11 oz and is only $15.00, barely over my cost. The color coordinates with anything!

Features include a nice long adjustable strap for over the shoulder or over the neck (if you are a guy!). Plus there is a rugged carry strap. An expandable water bottle pouch is on the side, the front flap is a pouch where you can see I slipped in one of our catalogs. Under the flap are some slots for pens, pencils, and other various things. So, pick one up and enjoy it like I do. (Great carry on for flights, handy bag in the car for easy access, etc).



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