(image for) God is Smarter Than We Are: Area 51 – Part 2 (DVD)

God is Smarter Than We Are: Area 51 – Part 2 (DVD)


(5 DVDs)

Parents spend at least eighteen years of their lives training up their children in the way which they shall go only to send them off to institutions of higher education that are designed to remove their foundation.

Yeshua‘ told us that He was born into this world to bear witness to the truth. Are the Scriptures telling us the truth? Is God really smarter than we are? In this continuation of the Area 51 series, Brad discusses the Scriptures’ revelation about subjects ranging from sub-atomic particles and the laws of thermodynamics to string theory, dark matter, and the Big Bang Theory. The restoration of the “pure” language has truly revealed that our Creator was right all along.

Disc 1
Session 1: Introduction
Session 2: Reminding Our Children (Part 1)

Disc 2
Session 3: Reminding Our Children (Part 2)
Session 4: Reminding Our Children (Part 3)

Disc 3
Session 5: Words and Creation (Introduction)
Session 6: What Happened to the Big Bang?

Disc 4
Session 7: Words and Creation (Part 1)
Session 8: Words and Creation (Part 2)

Disc 5
Session 9: String Theory
Session 10: Dark Matter and a Young Earth

Running time: 9 Hours 36 Minutes

Also available on Audio CD.

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