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Revealing the Identity of the Bride

The journey of Abraham's servant to find a bride for Issac is the most revealing story in the Scriptures of the nature and characteristics of the bride of the Messiah. The Camels and the Well is a verse by verse study of Bere'shiyt (Genesis) Chapter 24. Brad breaks down and discusses some of the most revealing words of the Torah and their meaning for His bride today. Come on a journey with Brad to discover what it means to follow the Spirit of the Most High God.

Disc 1
Session 1: The Paradigm of the Bride
Session 2: In Remembrance of the Seed
Session 3: A Little History of Abraham
Session 4: Abraham and Eliezar: (Part 1)

Disc 2
Session 5: Abraham and Eliezar: (Part 2)
Session 6: Take Her from the Soil That I Came from
Session 7: Bring Not My Son There Again
Session 8: The Ten Camels (Part 1)

Disc 3
Session 9: The Ten Camels (Part 2)
Session 10: The Camels Bow at the Well
Session 11: The Wells of Salvation: (Part 1)
Session 12: The Wells of Salvation: (Part 2)

Disc 4
Session 13: Ribqah: Model of the Bride (Part 1)
Session 14: Ribqah: Model of the Bride (Part 2)
Session 15: Follow the Spirit: Get on the Camels

Running Time: 6 Hours 36 Minutes

Also available on Audio CD and DVD Video.

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