In My Flesh I See God: Area 51 - Part 1 (Download)

In My Flesh I See God: Area 51 - Part 1 (Download)


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Using Iyov (Job) 19:26 as a springboard, Brad takes us on a journey in our bodies to see the design of the Hebrew language truly revealed in our flesh. Yeshua’ tells us in Yochanan (John) 6:63 that the Word of God is life. If the Word of God created all things, we would expect to see the Word of God in all things.

Disc 1
Session 1: Introduction
Session 2: Parent Roots and Atoms

Disc 2
Session 3: Life in the Cell (Part 1)
Session 4: Life in the Cell (Part 2)

Disc 3
Session 5: Hebrew Language and DNA (Part 1)
Session 6: Hebrew Language and DNA (Part 2)

Disc 4
Session 7: Seeing the Messiah in our Flesh
Session 8: Chromosomes, Atoms, and Molecules

Running time: 7 Hours 4 Minutes

Also available on Audio CD.

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