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Paul the Apostle - The Live Series (DVD & Download)


(2 DVDs or 2 Files)

This dramatic presentation of Rav Sha’ul (Paul the Apostle) is realistically presented in full make-up and dress. Sha’ul combines his own writings, song, and humor to validate his reputation as one of the great penman of the living Word of YHVH, his love for the Torah, and his passion for Messiah and His gift of grace. Featuring Brad Scott as Rav Sha’ul.

Disc 1: My Epistles According to Me
Rav Sha’ul makes a visit to America in this live on-stage presentation of the New Testament’s most prolific writer. His love for Torah and his passion for Messiah are beautifully woven together in this humorous and heartfelt teaching from the Apostle himself.

Disc 2: Contending for the Faith
Rav Sha’ul returns to America one more time to answer the false rumors concerning his love for Torah and the prophets. Once again, he defends his devotion for his beloved Elishiva and Samuel, and his common sense attitude about life. Contending for the Faith promises to draw you a little closer to Rav Sha’ul as you laugh with him and cry with him.

Running time: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

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