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The Greatest Mystery

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This is a song Brad wrote back in 1994 or so. It's my favorite (except for the songs he wrote me during our engagement!) and I hope you will enjoy it too. Here are the words:


A tiny seed, we watch it blossom into life.
A man born blind, we watch as God gives back his sight.
An unborn child, she grows inside her mother's womb.
We think He's dead, but then we see an empty tomb.

I stand amazed as I watch these mysteries.
I can't explain how they ever came to be.
And now I know that the greatest mystery is You in me.

An aged man, we watch him struggle for his youth.
A young man dreams and searches all his life for truth.
His gentle touch soon makes whole a withered hand.
With just a word, He can heal a broken land.

When there's no hope, we watch Him part another Sea.
When we're alone, He takes on flesh to bring us peace.
So without him a poor and wretched man I am.
But by His grace, He lifts me up with nail scarred hands.