(image for) A Study of Bere’shiyt Ch. 7-11, Vol 5-6 (26 MP3s)

A Study of Bere’shiyt Ch. 7-11, Vol 5-6 (26 MP3s)


(26 MP3s + 187 Page PDF Workbook)

The Book of Beginnings

Isaiah 46:10 in Hebrew reveals that YHVH has “declared, from the beginning, the end.” Brad takes this verse very seriously. The third part of this trilogy of the first eleven chapters of Bere’shiyt (Genesis) contains most of the controversial issues that atheists and evolutionists have with the Scriptures. Brad meticulously reveals and defines all the first words of scripture that have their beginning in the flood of Noah, the record of the nations of the world, and the tower of Babel. Brad discusses in great detail the science of the flood, presenting a useful apologetic for the reality of the world wide flood of Noah. We are told that the days of Noah are likened unto the second coming of the Messiah. If the days of Noah are not literal, then what foundation do we have to believe that the coming of the Son of Man is to be taken literally?. Also included is a 187 page workbook.

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  • Download 5: PDF Workbook

26 MP3s

187 Page Workbook
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