(image for) Haftarah: Cycles of Righteousness - Exodus (11 CDs)

Haftarah: Cycles of Righteousness - Exodus (11 CDs)


(11 CDs + Bonus Intro CD)

In keeping with his usual style, Brad comments on the weekly Haftarah portions. Designed to work in tandem with the weekly Torah portion, these commentaries cover more extensively the writings and the prophets and their relationship with the New Testament.

Bonus: Haftarah Introduction
Disc 1: Shemot Names Yesha’yahu (Isaiah) 27:6–28:13, 29:22–23
Disc 2: Va’era’ I Appeared Yechezeq’el (Ezekiel) 28:25–29:21
Disc 3: Bo’ Go Yiremeyahu (Jeremiah) 46:13–28
Disc 4: Beshalach After He Had Let Go Shofetiym (Judges) 4:4–5:31
Disc 5: Yitero Jethro Yesha’yahu 6:1–7:6, 9:5–6
Disc 6: Mishepatiym Judgements Yiremeyahu 33:25–26, 34:8–22
Disc 7: Terumah Offerings Melakhiym Aleph (1 Kings) 5:12–6:13
Disc 8: Tetzaveh You Are to Command Yechezeq’el 43:10–27
Disc 9: Kiy Tissa’ When You Lift Up Melakhiym Aleph 18:1–39
Disc 10: Vayaqehel And He Gathered Melakhiym Aleph 7:40–50
Disc 11: Pequdey Number Melakhiym Aleph 7:51–8:21

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