(image for) A Study of Bere’shiyt Ch. 1-4, Vol 1-3 (42 MP3s)

A Study of Bere’shiyt Ch. 1-4, Vol 1-3 (42 MP3s)


(42 MP3s + 223 Page PDF Workbook)

The Book of Beginnings

Isaiah 46:10 in Hebrew reveals that YHVH has “declared, from the beginning, the end.” Brad takes this verse very seriously in this comprehensive, 42 CD study of the first four chapters of Bere’shiyt (Genesis). Through the use of the natural and spiritual pictographic meanings of every Hebrew word in the beginning, Brad demonstrates that all of YHVH’s desire, purpose, will, and prophecy can be found embedded in the creation story. From baptism to prophecy, from raising a family to the essence of repentance, the beginning declares to us the end, and everything in between. Also included is a 223 page workbook.

This 42 CD set has now been broken down into seven (7) individual downloads, mostly for our international customers. The entire download is 2.73 GB rendering it fairly unmanageable, so now each download is around 450 MB. The breakdown of the seven downloads is as follows:

  • Download 1: Discs 1-7
  • Download 2: Discs 8-14
  • Download 3: Discs 15-21
  • Download 4: Discs 22-28
  • Download 5: Discs 29-35
  • Download 6: Discs 36-42
  • Download 7: PDF Workbook

42 MP3s

223 Page Workbook
Sample Page from Workbook

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