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Basar Echad and Other Secrets of the Universe (eBook Download)


(154 Page eBook Download)

Early one morning a man and his young son are walking along the beach, when they both spot a blinking red light in the distance out at sea. The man immediately pulls out a calculator and begins plugging in numbers triangulating the distance to the red light. After running several formulas he finally calculates the precise distance between him and the red light. Meanwhile the little child runs to the Coast Guard, and they rush off toward the light and save the stranded people in their lifeboat. Both the man and boy are witnessing the same “sign.” It is what they do with that information that made the difference between simply being right, and actually rescuing their fellow man.

As the time of Yeshua’s return gets shorter and shorter what does it mean for the body of Messiah to occupy till He comes? In this book Brad takes some of the most profound realities of our physical universe and unites them with the restoration of all things. From the tiniest quark to the largest galaxy our Father reveals why the body of Messiah needs each other more than ever before.

The eBook download is compatible with Kindle, iBooks, Nook and most other readers and devices, includes both ePub & MOBI formats, and is DRM-free.

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