(image for) Be Ye Imitators of 'Elohiym (14 CDs)

Be Ye Imitators of 'Elohiym (14 CDs)


(14 CDs)

The Morals, Values, and Ethics of Yeshua‘

If Yeshua‘ were walking the streets of America today, what do you think He would have to say about the plunging morals that our youth are facing? Would Yeshua‘ approve of homosexuality and the current gender confusion plaguing our culture? Would He be for or against abortion, illegal immigration, climate change or premarital sex? What would He have to say about institutional racism and poverty? In this series, Brad tackles some of the uncomfortable issues confronting our western culture. Although there are many in the next generation who are well versed in the do's and don'ts of biblical feasts and dietary laws, our children are not immune to the ever-changing morals of daily life in America. Please join Brad in helping to teach the next generations what it means to take up their cross and follow Yeshua‘.

Great for home schooling!

Disc 1: Introduction and Foundation
Disc 2: Defining Morals and Values
Disc 3: The Morals of Our Founding Fathers
Disc 4: Defining Sex and Gender; LGBTQ
Disc 5: Abortion; Capital Punishment
Disc 6: Immigration
Disc 7: Racism; Slavery; Poverty
Disc 8: Socialism / Communism
Disc 9: Climate Change; Environmentalism
Disc 10: Pornography / Fornication / Adultery; Masturbation; Premarital Sex
Disc 11: Gun Control; War and Self-Defense
Disc 12: Dating; The Godly Man, Woman and Family
Disc 13: Torah and the Constitution Part 1
Disc 14: Torah and the Constitution Part 2

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