(image for) 2 Seeds Diametrically Opposed: Creation & Evolution (4 CDs)

2 Seeds Diametrically Opposed: Creation & Evolution (4 CDs)


(4 CDs)

This series takes an indepth look at the opposing views of creation: the seed of the woman, and evolution: the seed of the serpent. Brad not only discusses, from scripture, the incompatible differences between creation and evolution, but shows how most religious doctrine has adopted an evolutionary point of view. Evolution is set against known, empirical science and is exposed as a belief system. Brad also demonstrates how the Scriptures anticipate this ancient struggle from the beginning, its presence today, and how it dramatically affects the end times.

Disc 1: Creation: Declaring the Glory of God
Disc 2: Organic and Theological Evolution
Disc 3: Micro and Macro Evolution
Disc 4: A Young Earth?

Also available on DVD.

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