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Seven Book Special


(7 Paperback Books)

Get any combination of 7 books out of the seven choices for one low price!

  • English:
    • The Principle of the Seed
    • The Tanakh
    • The Shadow of Heavenly Things
    • Let This Mind Be In You
    • The Tares Among the Wheat
    • Basar Echad
    • Gifts from the Bridegroom
  • Spanish:
    • El Principio de la Semilla
    • Haya, pues, en vosotros este sentir
  • German:
    • Das Prinzip vom Samen
    • Diese Gesinnung aber sei in Euch

In all reality, we are happy to let you have any combination of any of the 7 books for the $60.00 price. Just make a note in the comments box how you would like them arranged, ie. 3 Tanakhs and 4 Tares or 7 Principle of the Seed books. Your choice! Just purchase the 7 book special and make the note in the comments. If you want to order in larger amounts, call (435) 789-3713 and we would be happy to discuss larger discounts for bulk orders. It's a great little ministry to hand out these books to newbies!

If you want one each of the English versions, you don't have to make any comments as that is the default order. Todah rabah.

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