(image for) 2 Seeds Diametrically Opposed: Creation & Evolution (DVD)

2 Seeds Diametrically Opposed: Creation & Evolution (DVD)


(4 DVDs)

To a lessor or greater degree, evolutionary theory lies in the shadows of much of our thinking processes. It has been absorbed into our culture from biology, chemistry, and astronomy into the judicial system, social justice, and linguistics. Brad defends biblical creation and its affect on how our next generation will interpret the Scriptures and the world around them.

Disc 1
Sessions 1: Introduction
Sessions 2: The Critics

Disc 2
Sessions 3: Evolution & Racism
Sessions 4: Science or Faith (Part 1)

Disc 3
Sessions 5: Science or Faith (Part 2)
Sessions 6: Whoops! Wrong Dispensation

Disc 4
Sessions 7: The Ascent of Man?
Sessions 8: Young Earth or Old Earth?

Running time: 7 Hours 39 Minutes

Also available on Audio CD.

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