(image for) A Study of Bere’shiyt Ch. 5-6, Vol 4 (13 MP3s)

A Study of Bere’shiyt Ch. 5-6, Vol 4 (13 MP3s)


(13 MP3s + 84 Page PDF Workbook)

The Book of Beginnings

Brad carries his back to the beginning style into the 5th and 6th chapters of Bere’shiyt (Genesis). This provocative period between the life of Cain and the flood is broken down word by word. Its coverage is from the revealing genealogies of Seth to the controversial Sons of God, as well as the giants and violence in the earth preceding the greatest deluge in history. Brad reveals, in intimate detail, the days of the coming of the Son of Man through the Hebrew language as pertaining to the Days of Noah. Come join us as we continue to reveal the end out of the beginning. Also included is an 84 page workbook.

13 MP3s

82 Page Workbook
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