Personality Profile

Hippocrates, also known as the father of modern medicine, lived from about 460 to 377 B.C. It was he that came up with the four personality profiles: sanguine, choleric, melancholy, and phlegmatic. After 2400 years, we still find them valid for us today.

Although many of you were not able to attend the Central Plains Messianic Conference, we hope you will purchase the CDs. This live presentation is found on our teaching called "male and female created He them".

Should you have any questions about how to fill them out or specifics on analyzing your profiles, please feel free to call us. Brad is pretty good at analyzing them. He certainly has done a number on me! The intent of presenting this subject to you is so we can learn to soften the rough edges of our weaknesses and use our strengths toward the plan YHVH has for us while living on this earth. They are also a very good tool for understanding why your brother or sister is like he/she is. We are not to use these to condemn but to have greater understanding of of our brothers, our sisters, and our mates, and to learn to love them in spite of them.

This form, Personality Profile,is the first one to fill out to determine your strengths and weaknesses.

This form, Scoring Sheet, you will use to tabulate your results to see which personality(ies) you are.

Have fun with this!

Shalom Alecheim!