Qohelet (Ecclesiastes) 12:13-14Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear ’Elohiym, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man. For ’Elohiym will bring every work into judgement, with every hidden thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil.

Finding Brad

Brad will be in Avilla, Indiana this weekend and the last weekend in May he will be in Granbury, TX. Then we head out to Tacoma, Washington and on to Orosi, CA for the Feast of Shavu'ot, the 2nd required Feast of YHVH! WildBranch Ministry will also be putting on it's 3rd Praise Conference over the weekend there in Orosi, so bring your tent or camper (or whatever), and come join in for a blessed time!

Proclaim Music Festival, Hornick, IA

Music and praise to YHVH will be filling the fields of mid-America as Rod Woodruff of Oyé Israel, along with myself and many other Messianic ensembles will be taking down strongholds and lifting up our King. I will be teaching on the power of praise and worship along with some of the most talented musicians in Hebraic Roots

For more information, see the conference page.

New Audio Teaching: The Heart of the Matter: A New Heart, YHVH's First Work

Cover Artwork

In this more devotional teaching, Brad focuses on the first work of YHVH, which is always the heart. Using the natural creation as his usual backdrop, Brad shows how all living things work the same way, which is why the Word of God is living and powerful. All living things are interdependent and in order.

Brad's concern is for the next generation. Using the story of Aaron's sons, Brad illustrates how we have in many ways circumvented the brazen altar and have sent the next generation running directly into the Holy Place.

Available on Audio CD and MP3 Download.

New Audio Teaching: There is a Creator: How To Respond To An Atheist

Cover Artwork

Many modern surveys are now telling us that atheism, primarily due to the proliferation of the Internet, is the fastest growing religion in the world. All media communication is saturated with godless music, movies, advertising, and conversation. The Internet is filed with articles and videos designed to tear our next generation away from the Creator and the Scriptures that reveal that Creator. Relentless questions and propositions sow the seeds of doubt in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. These questions seem overwhelming and are difficult to answer for many people. In this series, Brad addresses the twenty most common questions that atheists and the new religion of "nones" always ask.

Available on Audio CD and MP3 Download.

New Audio Teaching: A Study of Bereshiyt - Genesis: Chapters 7-11, Volumes 5-6

A Study of Bereshiyt: The Book of Beginnings, Chapters 7-11

Isaiah 46:10 in Hebrew reveals that YHVH has “declared, from the beginning, the end.” Brad takes this verse very seriously. The third part of this trilogy of the first eleven chapters of Bere’shiyt (Genesis) contains most of the controversial issues that atheists and evolutionists have with the Scriptures. Brad meticulously reveals and defines all the first words of scripture that have their beginning in the flood of Noah, the record of the nations of the world, and the tower of Babel. Brad discusses in great detail the science of the flood, presenting a useful apologetic for the reality of the world wide flood of Noah. We are told that the days of Noah are likened unto the second coming of the Messiah. If the days of Noah are not literal, then what foundation do we have to believe that the coming of the Son of Man is to be taken literally?. Also included is a 187 page workbook.

This two volume set is available on Audio CD and MP3 Download.

eBook Resources

Thanks to Jay, our web designer, (and so much more!) we now have all of Brad's books available in the eformat. As international postal rates have sky rocketed and is above what the market can bear, we pray this will help all of our international body of believers access his books.

New German eBook: Das Prinzip vom Samen

Das Prinzip vom Samen (eBook) Since 1993 this seminal teaching lies at the heart of everything Brad teaches. This simple, natural, agricultural principle is found in all of creation and most important of all, the Word that created all that is seen and unseen. Yeshua' Himself categorically stated that all parables, and subsequently all end time prophecies , are established in this truth. The Seed is the Word of God. It is a fundamental scriptural truth that lays the foundation for the identity of the children of God from the beginning. If you are interested in knowing the end you must go back to the beginning for there is only one good Seed. Book forward by Bill Cloud.

The Principle of the Seed, can now be downloaded as an eBook in German.

All of our eBook downloads are compatible with Kindle, iBooks, Nook and any other devices which supports ePub or MOBI formats, and are DRM-free.

New Paperback Book & eBook: Gifts from the Bridegroom

Gifts from the Bridegroom (Book Cover) The Scriptures teach us that Yeshua‘ (Jesus) is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Is it possible that the same could be said of our Heavenly Father? And what about the Holy Spirit? Is His work and ministry the same yesterday, today, and forever? Our Father’s instructions, with particular emphasis on the Sabbath, feasts, and dietary laws, are being restored, but in the midst of much disagreement and with even greater confusion. Something still seems to be missing in the body of Messiah. In this book, Brad takes on the gifts of the Holy Spirit, taking them back to the beginning, teaching their function and purpose for the distressing and confusing times that we live in. Brad looks at the Holy Spirit through the lens of the natural creation and each gift that flows from that same Spirit is traced back to YHVH’s (God’s) perfect order.

Available in both Paperback Book and eBook formats.

Brad's Powerpoints:

We have created a new category that carries all of Brad's available slide shows and .pdf's created from the PowerPoint presentations. You may find the link to these in two places: on the right hand sidebar and as a subcategory under the Teachings section at the top of the website.


WildBranch Catalog
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Brad's List of Research Tools

Many of you have asked for the list of books Brad uses for his research. The following link takes you to that list: names, authors, ISBN numbers. Research Tools link These are great resources every home library should have. We also have DVDs available that will teach you how to use these reference books. You can get these DVDs in hard copy and mp3 format. Learning Research Tools 1 and Learning Research Tools 2.

Conference Guidelines

Want to know what it takes to have Brad come speak? Checkout the Conference Guidelines.