Qohelet (Ecclesiastes) 12:13-14Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear ’Elohiym, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man. For ’Elohiym will bring every work into judgement, with every hidden thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil.

Finding Brad

Brad has headed out to Florida for the weekend. He'll be back in the office Tuesday until the 13th of March when he heads out to Texas, returning the 31st. Please check out the conference page for more details. New venues being added almost weekly..

Updated: 2 Seeds Diametrically Opposed: Creation & Evolution DVD

Updated & Expanded—with over 7 hours of video content.

To a lessor or greater degree, evolutionary theory lies in the shadows of much of our thinking processes. It has been absorbed into our culture from biology, chemistry, and astronomy into the judicial system, social justice, and linguistics. Brad defends biblical creation and its affect on how our next generation will interpret the Scriptures and the world around them.

Available on DVD & Digital Download.

Updated: God is Smarter Than We Are — The Area 51 Series Part 2 DVD

Updated & Expanded—with over 9 hours of video content.

Parents spend at least eighteen years of their lives training up their children in the way which they shall go only to send them off to institutions of higher education that are designed to remove their foundation.

Yeshua‘ told us that He was born into this world to bear witness to the truth. Are the Scriptures telling us the truth? Is God really smarter than we are? In this continuation of the Area 51 series, Brad discusses the Scriptures’ revelation about subjects ranging from sub-atomic particles and the laws of thermodynamics to string theory, dark matter, and the Big Bang Theory. The restoration of the “pure” language has truly revealed that our Creator was right all along.

Available on DVD & Digital Download.

Haftarah: Cycles of Righteousness - Companion Workbook

We've been working on this 290 page workbook for over a year. It is a companion workbook to the Haftarah series. Similar to the Bere’shiyt workbook, this one includes the entire Haftarah reading along with all the notes for you to add your own to. This will really help you focus on the teachings.

The workbooks are now in hand and ready to ship out to those who would like one.

Latest Book: Basar Echad and Other Secrets of the Universe

Early one morning a man and his young son are walking along the beach, when they both spot a blinking red light in the distance out at sea. The man immediately pulls out a calculator and begins plugging in numbers triangulating the distance to the red light. After running several formulas he finally calculates the precise distance between him and the red light. Meanwhile the little child runs to the Coast Guard, and they rush off toward the light and save the stranded people in their lifeboat. Both the man and boy are witnessing the same “sign.” It is what they do with that information that made the difference between simply being right, and actually rescuing their fellow man.

As the time of Yeshua’s return gets shorter and shorter what does it mean for the body of Messiah to occupy till He comes? In this book Brad takes some of the most profound realities of our physical universe and unites them with the restoration of all things. From the tiniest quark to the largest galaxy our Father reveals why the body of Messiah needs each other more than ever before. Is the Hebrew Roots movement collapsing in on itself? Is our Father moving in another direction or just getting our attention to return to our first love? Brad takes a hard look at the seven things that God hates in Proverbs 6:16–19. Brad breaks down all the pertinent words in this proverb to reveal why he thinks there is such confusion and division in the body of Messiah, and what we can do to restore our Father’s trust in His people.

Available on Paperback Book.

Growing in Torah:

Safe Haven Heirloom Farms is looking for your participation. For further information please contact Growing in Torah at Growing in Torah

Brad's Powerpoints:

We have created a new category that carries all of Brad's available slide shows and .pdf's created from the PowerPoint presentations. You may find the link to these in two places: on the right hand sidebar and as a subcategory under the Teachings section at the top of the website.


Our Winter 2014 catalog is available and up to date. If you'd like one of our catalogs, email me at orders@wildbranch.org with your MAILING address and I'll be happy to send you one. Also, this catalog is available in PDF format for you to view online (WildBranch Winter 2014 Catalog). Clicking on the product names in the PDF catalog will take you directly to our marketplace for your convenience. Thank you, Jay! Very cool.

Brad's List of Research Tools

Many of you have asked for the list of books Brad uses for his research. The following link takes you to that list: names, authors, ISBN numbers. Research Tools link These are great resources every home library should have. We also have DVDs available that will teach you how to use these reference books. You can get these DVDs in hard copy and mp3 format. Learning Research Tools 1 and Learning Research Tools 2.

Conference Guidelines

Want to know what it takes to have Brad come speak? Checkout the Conference Guidelines.