Research Tools Resource List

Below are Brad's recommended research tools. Please feel free to contact him anytime if you need any assistance in learning how to use these research tools.

Some suggestions of online stores to purchase these materials:All Judaica,Abe Books, Christian Book Distributors, and Amazon.

Shalom Alecheim!

  1. Strong's Concordance
    World Publisher
    ISBN # 0-529-06334-4

  2. Interlinear Bible
    Sovereign Grace Publishing or Hendrickson Publishing (same edition by Green)
    ISBN # 1-878442-81-1
    ISBN # 978-1-56563-977-5 (new edition)

  3. Englishman's Greek and Hebrew Concordances
    (2 separate volumes) Hendrickson Publisher (Wigram)
    Greek ISBN # 0-013573-23-X
    Greek ISBN # 978-1-56563-207-3 (new edition)
    Hebrew ISBN # 1-56563-208-7
    Hebrew ISBN # 978-1-56563-208-0 (new edition)

  4. A good Hebrew and Greek Lexicon
    Recommended: Thayer's or Brown, Driver, Briggs-Gesenius
    Greek Thayer's ISBN # 0-913573-22-1
    Hebrew Gesenius ISBN # 0-913573-20-5

  5. Concordance to the Septuagint
    Publisher - Hatch and Redpath
    ISBN # 0-8010-2141-3

  6. Etymological Dictionary of Biblical Hebrew
    by Matityahu Clark. This is the one Brad prefers and uses in his teaching DVDs.
    ISBN # 1-58330-431-2

  7. or
  8. Kleins Etymological Dictionary of the Hebrew Language
    by Ernst Klein
    ISBN # 965-220-093-X

  9. The Ancient Hebrew Lexicon of the Bible
    by Jeff A. Benner, VBW Publishing
    ISBN # 1-58939-776-2
    Please visit Mr. Benner's web site at Ancient Hebrew

Brad has made available a 2 DVD teaching on how he uses these reference books.

It is called Learning Research Tools and is 4 hr 39 minutes. This link is for a hard copy of the teaching.

This next link is for the download version.Learning Research Tools Download version

  • Disc 1, Session 1: Why Words Matter; General Rules of Interpreting a Text; Introduction of Research Tools; Text Examples (Part 1)
  • Session 2: Text Examples (Part 2)
  • Disc 2, Session 3: Hebrew and Greek Thinking; Hebrew Alphabet; Finding the Parent Root
  • Session 4: Using the Etymological Dictionary of Biblical Hebrew; Text Examples; Using the Ancient Hebrew Lexicon