Hebrew Mind vs. Greek Mind

Test Number One

  1. Explain your understanding of the fundamental difference between Western thinking and Eastern thinking.

  2. Where did Socrates and Plato derive their philosophies from?

  3. Other than the verses I quoted in lesson number one, can you find at least 3 other Scriptures that show there is a fundamental difference in the world of the Greek and the world of the Hebrew?

  4. Can you briefly, in your own words, describe dualism?

  5. Can you briefly describe the demiurge?

  6. What is Hellenism?

  7. In the times of Yeshua', what was a Grecian?

  8. When Sha'ul (Paul) states that the Greeks seek wisdom what does that mean to you?

  9. From what culture does much of Greek art and religion come from?

  10. If you were limited to one word to describe the Greek culture at this point, what would it be and why?

Remember, I want to see what you understand and not just what you know. In Messianic theology there are some basic thought patterns that need to be grasped and then much falls right into place.

Shalom Alecheim!