Hebrew Mind vs. Greek Mind

Test Number Two

  1. Briefly describe Aristotle's contribution to Greek philosophy.

  2. Why did Alexander believe it was so important to teach his captives the Greek language?

  3. What was the primary interest of the Greek gods?

  4. Describe the philosopies of the Stoics and the Epicureans.

  5. What was the most important significance of the LXX?

  6. What do you believe Antiochus was trying to accomplish with Israel (in the excerpts from Maccabees)?

  7. What do you think is the goal behind gradual paradigm shifts?

  8. Can you describe a paradigm shift that has happened in your lifetime or perhaps this last century?

  9. What is Gnosticism?

  10. I mentioned there are many New Testament verses that gnostic thinking is applied to. Name one and describe how you see modern theology applying gnostic thinking to this verse.

Shalom Alecheim!