Hebrew Mind vs. Greek Mind

Test Number Three

  1. Explain the relationship between democratic rule and the worship of many gods.

  2. Explain why obedience to YHVH's law would cause the world to see that there is only one YHVH.

  3. Modern Christians believe and confess one God. Name a modern Christian doctrine that you believe betrays this fundamental teaching and explain why.

  4. Explain the difference between the Greek concept of the logos and the Hebrew dabar as it would relate to their use in Yochanan (John) 1:1.

  5. Explain why the rejection of YHVH's laws by the modern Church would be linked to linear thinking.

  6. Explain the main differences between Greek worship and Hebrew worship.

  7. Based on what we have learned about worship, explain why modern Christian worship is generally viewed as a Sunday morning service or activity.

  8. In the Greek world, what does it mean to be "spiritual"?

  9. What is "spirituality" in Hebrew thought?

  10. Based on Lesson Nine, can you explain how the Apostolic Creed came to be?

  11. Other than the four descriptions of Yeshua' I gave, can you give me three other identities of Yeshua' and explain how they would be understood from a gnostic point of view?

  12. Explain the fundamental differences between Hebrew prayer and the modern concept of prayer today.

Shalom Alecheim!