Christianity and Liberalism

Part 4

Once again I feel it necessary to post a disclaimer of sorts before getting to the meat of the matter. For those who are interested, do not know me personally, or who have not bothered to email me, I would like to answer a question I get quite a bit, so we can get on with it. No, I do not believe that Christians are going to hell. I do believe that Christendom, in general, is a major part of Babylon, and that YHVH is calling HIS people out of it. There I said it.

Liberals believe that the common masses need the government
because we simply cannot effectively take care of ourselves.

Liberalism is only interested in itself and hides this by appearing to be compassionate, concerned, and giving. Raising taxes and creating government programs is one of the great pillars of liberalism. 'We care' is their motto, and they show it by creating and sustaining government give-a-way programs and raising taxes to pay for them. These same taxes are pilfered in order to pay the salaries of those who are creating the government programs. This is another reason why the same problems are never solved and the budgets keep going up year after year. Government programs are not designed to solve anything or to ultimately help anybody. The smoke and mirrors of all this is that they believe 'we the people' cannot survive without these programs, and in the midst of our despair, Congress will rescue us with money. Just enough tax dollars to keep the destitute, destitute. The idea is to reproduce this attitude in future generations to keep the system going. The country's reaction to all this is to go vote for those who are giving us just enough money to keep us from taking care of ourselves. Doing what it takes to keep um comin' back works pretty good. It is actually a big dependency cycle. Our liberal leaders front the idea that we need them, because they really need us. "Tickle their ears and they will be back" is something the libs know always works.

I believe that the modern Christian church today is interested in herself and proliferating herself. It is my opinion that most evangelical Christians today are only interested in producing more evangelical Christians. Truth has been irrelevant for centuries and any teaching outside of 'accepted' doctrine is by definition wrong, simply because it is outside of accepted doctrine. The idea is to teach the masses just enough to keep them coming back. The whole apologetic is designed to defend the doctrine of the Christian church and not to defend the scriptures, much less teach Torah to the people so that they will be prosperous and prolong their days upon the earth. I do not believe that orthodox Christianity has ever been in the business of a genuine search for truth, but rather to teach the congregation how to defend orthodox church teaching from the so-called cults. I continue to marvel to this day, as to how incredibly stupid I have been. I spent a good deal of my life defending an institution and not the truth, and the institution is dependent upon itself to propagate itself. I have found that it is very difficult to get people to break the mold. Which brings me to the next comparison of liberal thinking and Christian thinking.

Liberalism controls the media

It is a statistical fact that 84% of journalists and media types voted democratic and lean heavily to the left. What most Americans understand about the world around us comes from media sources such as the three major networks, cable news, newspapers, and magazines. Most Americans are still reading, and viewing on a daily basis, liberal perspectives on government, social issues, world events, medicine, marriage, crime, the earth, the universe, and the purpose of life in general. This is why it is so difficult to have an intelligent, civic dialogue on creation and evolution, or a real debate on abortion in the general media. Those who hold a creation position or pro-life stand are painted by the media to the masses as being kooks and religious nuts. Any ideas outside of the culturally accepted norms are rarely given a real prime time dialogue. When Bernard Goldberg attempted to expose this sad fact, his ex-cohorts in the media branded him as an anomaly and a deviation. I watched a few debates Mr. Goldberg was allowed to participate in and found myself viewing the same kind of response from his retractors as I have seen in 'religious' discussions. No one was really listening to what he was saying, but instead they were formulating their next response. This is how most interchanges go when two different ideas are being exchanged.

Let me take a moment and define a word I use a lot. When I say 'orthodox' Christianity, I mean the dictionary (Webster's) definition of the phrase, which is, and I quote, "conforming to the Christian faith as represented by the creeds of the early church." Could not have said it better myself. The medium by which virtually all Christian teaching material comes from is controlled by a handful of accepted publishers and two meccas, Dallas, Texas, and Wheaton, Illinois. The majority of Christian seminaries, according to research done by Zola Levitt's ministry, provide 1 Hebrew class for every 9 Greek classes. The bulk of Christian pastors and teachers being churned out by these institutions have comparatively little knowledge of Hebrew and the Hebrew culture. This is borne out for me personally in our seminars. Many times I am approached and asked what the Jew or the Hebrew background of the scriptures has to do with Christians. Sometimes my answer is 'you are right, it has nothing to do with you, I was only speaking of the Messiah and those who follow Him.'

The truth is that one can only output what one has inputed. The sea of Christianity can only teach what it has been taught. What it does not understand, it demonizes. I have found that many times I cannot even get to first base with someone before I am called a legalizer or a Judaizer. The instructions of YHVH from the beginning have taught us what is wrong and what is right. Try bringing up a single one of them and you will quickly be called some kind of name. I sense the same frustration with a liberal thinking person in trying to discuss our Creator's view of homosexuality. I am immediately called a homophobe. Why? Because they will not listen long enough to grasp what you are saying. All they know is that what you are saying is different from what they have been taught. I have made it a habit that when I visit someone or I am invited into their home, I check out their library the first chance I get. What these people think and believe will be sitting on their bookshelves.

Shalom Alecheim!