Paths or Cycles?

One of the most popular sections of scripture quoted by "Jews" and "Christians" alike is Mizemor (Psalm) 23. Although modern Christian doctrine advocates the superceding of New Testament teaching over the Tanakh, the 23rd chapter of the Tehillot (Psalms) is still used as a means to comfort those in distress and affliction. It is interesting to note the verse in which David says

Mizemor 23:3He leads me in the paths of righteousness for his names sake.

The word paths is actually taken from the Hebrew root 'agol (עגל), which means to be round or a cycle. Actually, David is using a familiar phrase to the Hebrew people. He is saying YHVH leads us or guides us in the cycles of righteousness. The cycles of righteousness refers to the yearly return of the feasts of YHVH. This is why the closely related word chag (חג) or festival, is referred to as "making a cycle". The chaggim are the cyclical holy days, in which the righteousness of the God of Israel is taught. It is these cycles that David is referring to.

Shalom Alecheim!