The word Hebrew is one of several Hebrew words that cannot be translated, such as sabbath, pesach, or YHVH. In the Hebrew, it is written as 'iveriy (עברי). The word has been described by Jewish and Christian theologians as the word for "crossing over", as in Avraham crossing from Mesopotamia to Canaan. A Hebrew, as Avraham was first called, is one who makes the decision to go from one existence to a new or changed condition, and not like the condition left behind.

This word is also the word for a successful conception, or literally the passing of semen (Iyov (Job) 21:10). As we peer into our modern microscopes, we can now see what YHVH created and saw in the beginning, a sperm or seed leaving it's familiar surroundings in search for that perfect egg. This word is also seen as a raft or a ferry, used to get from one side of the river to the other (Shemu’el Bet (2 Samuel) 19:18). The idea behind the word is to leave behind the old life, go beyond where you are at, and to multiply once you get there. The true children of Avraham are those who leave behind their old life and take upon a new one, guided and directed by the same source that Avraham drew his life from. Remember that the very first principle given to all the living creation, was that like kind would produce like kind. Avraham went from being a Gentile, to being a Hebrew by faith. All the true seed of Avraham are those who also cross over.

It is more than interesting to see the clear relationship between those who cross over and the conception of seed. Israel is the seed of Avraham and there is only one seed, the seed of the woman.

Yesha’yahu (Isaiah) 41:8But thou, Israel, are my servant, Jacob whom I have chosen, the seed of Avraham, my friend.

Shalom Alecheim!