Ethics or Pirqiy Avot

This Mishna type work is called "Ethics of the Fathers" and is sometimes referred to as the "Chapters of the Sages". Another commentary on Talmud, it focuses on the wise, but sometimes contradictory sayings of many of the ancient sages. The use of the term "Chapters" of the Fathers is a more literal rendering of this work. The word pirqiy (פרקי), is from the root paraq (פרק), which means to divide or to break off. It is used in scripture to describe the breaking off of the earrings and jewelry of the Israelites in the making of the golden calf, which in essence is worshipping God, but another way. This dividing or breaking off of the fathers refers to Rabbi Yehuda haNasi's collection of pithy sayings from Judaism's point of view. However, it could be a subtle reference to the tendancy of all Bible-based religions to break away from Torah and develop whole new religions based upon man's opinion of God, and not remaining faithful to His Word. Just my opinion, I could be wrong.

Shalom Alecheim!