Dictionaries break this word down to two words: etumos ετυμος, which means true or literal, and logos λογος, which means thought, concept, or word. In the English, this word literally means the word, or concept, or truth. We generally use it to mean the study of the roots of words. This ministry relies heavily on etymology, as we are assured through much evidence, that Hebrew is the root source of all languages. It is the DNA of language. It is the origin of a word that forms all its subsequent uses.

The Greek word logos is used to translate the Hebrew word davar דבר (see our study of this word dabar under the teaching section). The word etumon ετυμον comes from the Hebrew word emet אמת, which is translated as truth throughout scripture. It, too, has a root and that word is 'aman אמן or faith! This is where we get the English term amen. Truth and faith are husband and wife in the eyes of YHVH. There are a handful of scriptural terms that are called truth, not the least of which is Torah. Torah, erroneously translated as law, actually means teaching and instruction. It is in Torah that we find the origin and root of truth. This is why the study of etymology is so important. There can be no true faith without receiving and embracing truth.

Yochanan (John)Then said Yeshua‘ to those Yehudim who believed on him,
"If ye continue in my word are you my disciples indeed; And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

Shalom Alecheim!