Upcoming Conferences

New conferences are added all the time, so check back often!

Amarillo, TX

Saturday 18 March 2017

Life of Worship

Abilene, TX

Saturday & Sunday, 21-22 January 2017

Abilene Torah Group

Paris, TX

Thursday & Friday, 23-24 March 2017

Beit Elohim Fellowship

Oklahoma City, OK

Saturday 25 March 2017

Bet Ami

Black River, NY

Friday & Saturday 21-22 April 2017

Total Man of God Men's Conference

Upcoming areas for venues the rest of the year.

North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia

May 2017

HRN National Conference: Dallas, TX

June 2017

Love for Israel Conference: Portland, OR; also Washington and British Columbia

July 2017

HRN recording studios, Messiah West Coast 6-11 August 2017

August 2017

Arizona, New Mexico

September 2017

New Zealand Sukkot, Australia

October 2017

Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana

November 2017

Abba willing.