Who was Brad Scott

Photo of Brad & Carol Scott

Brad had been teaching the Scriptures since 1971. Raised in Missouri, he began in the Lutheran system and was taught traditional “Christian” theology. In 1978, he began his studies in the Greek language and soon discovered that the well-defined Greek structure was NOT so well-defined. He then began to learn the Hebrew language, and sat at the feet of Rabbinical scholars, much the same way Sha’ul may have done so! Having been trained that the New Testament was written in Greek, Brad discovered through other scholars of the New Testament and the Dead Sea Scrolls that the New Testament may well have been written in Hebrew. He had been teaching the Hebrew language and culture since 1983. Brad was an ordained minister through a non-denominational pastoralship.

Brad was a professional musician, as well, and enjoyed leading or just participating with Praise and Worship teams by playing keyboard and singing. Although he played all styles of music, Brad enjoyed the Hebrew Roots, Messianic (whatever!) style best.

Brad is no available to conduct seminars, lead praise and worship, perform Passover seders, etc. He passed away 10 July 2020. May he rest in peace.

Although he may be have been vertically challenged, he always had a good sense of humour.

His surviving widow, Carol Scott, is maintaining The WildBranch Ministry in all its fullness as best she can without her soul mate.

Shalom Alecheim!