Paul the Apostle

In 1993, after spending several years heading back to my Hebrew roots, I began to pray about a method in which I could express this fundamental theological shift to those whom I had been teaching for many years. It was at this time that the God of Israel spoke to my heart about all the misconceptions and erroneous teachings concerning the most prolific writer of the New Testament. It was the result of those short conversations that the idea of becoming Rav Sha’ul himself was conceived. To help reverse the modern Christian view of Paul, I would have Paul defend himself, and so Paul the Apostle was brought back into history. It was also a convenient alter ego to teach the truth of our heritage and blame the fallout on someone else!

Paul the Apostle is a dramatic presentation of Rav Sha’ul as if he were alive today, 2000 years old. Paul is realistically presented in full make-up and dress. He uses his natural Jewish humor and world view to explain to all who will listen what he did say and what he did not say. Paul combines his own writings, song, and humor to validate his reputation as one of the great penman of the living Word of YHVH. His love for Torah and his passion for Messiah and His gift of grace are beautifully woven together in this lively presentation. Below are some of the reactions of those who have already had a visit by Rav Sha’ul.

  • “... after a few minutes you begin to think that it really IS Paul.”

  • “I laughed, I cried, I laughed, and then I cried again. Stop already!”

  • “... when Paul says it, it seems to hit home harder”

  • “I have a different view of this man now ...”

  • “I have always had an image of Paul as a pious saint with a halo over his head ... I have seen the human, compassionate side of him now.”

  • “You know, he is shorter than I thought.”

The grace and peace of Messiah Yeshua‘ be with you all.

Shalom Alecheim!